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Embedded and interim team solutions

We are ultimately flexible. We can build a dedicated team inside our client's offices on a temporary or permanent basis. These 'integrated teams' can and should, of course, draw upon our 'home team' knowledge and capabilities to support their offering onsite.


We offer to do this internally, because we can be more effective inside, as it allows us to: 


This allows our clients: 

  • Understand your world - adding value where it counts

  • React as fast as you need - providing a seamless service

  • To only pay for what they use

  • To flex their ground team up and down quickly and in the specialisms required for a sensible time frame - without over commitment.

We can offer a traditional consultant and remote telephone model, but, we do like to partner closely with clients. We will come to you for our initial consultation wherever you are - call us or email today to discuss your needs.

Transformational One Stop HR

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