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Helium talent - recruitment, search & selection

Finding and attracting the right talent is often the first step to developing and growing your business. 


We have experience filling executive, mid and entry level roles in a wide range of industries, both nationally and internationally.  


 As we are not just recruiters we are exposed to a wider pool of potential candidates and we can partner with clients to understand their needs and business at a deeper level.


We can support the development of role descriptions, promote opportunities, and more importantly use a wide variety of methods to identify unique talent pools and single out appropriate candidates. 


Our general terms are extremely competitive at 12% with 100% rebate up to 3 months, and we have a primed network ready to go.


For a different satisfying recruitment experience call us now.


In addition to the above, we can also undertake pre employment checks and candidate assessments. 


Transformational One Stop HR

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